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FOCC Hagen's S300

Hagen's S300

Commercial Cling Film

Product Descriptions :

Film Size : 45 cm x 1.5kg +/-

Film Material : Food contact safe PVC film

Packaging Size : W47 x L8 x H8 cm
Packing Size : Ctn x 6 boxes x 1 roll


Product Features :

  • For commercial use

  • Roll Holder for smooth and easy dispensing

  • Printed paper core for authentic identification

  • Comes with slide cutter and no more uneven cut and minimize wastage

  • Excellent for keeping perishables fresh longer as it is permeable and allows food to breathe

  • Versatile wrap that clings onto any food items

  • Hygienic food wrap ideal for keeping food in refrigerator

  • Water and grease repellent

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