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Golaa-Hagen's FS660 Fully Soluble Laundry Bag-3.jpg

Hagen's FS660

Fully Soluble Laundry Bag

Product Descriptions :

Bag Size : 660 x 840 mm x Thickness 25 microns

Bag Material : Soluble Polyvinyl Alcohol Composite

Colour : Red

Carton Packaging Size : 300 x 200 x 200 mm 
Packing Size : 8 bags x 25 pcs (200 pcs)

Product Features :

  • Ideal for healthcare facilities, nursing and care homes

  • Compliant with RoHS Directive EU 2015/863

  • Made of soluble polyvinyl alcohol composite

  • Acts as an anti-infection barrier film that is translucent for easier identification of content

  • For the efficient, safe and proper treatment of soiled or contaminated laundry

  • Prevents cross-contamination at healthcare front lines

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