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1 July 2020


To whom it may concern


As we all know, over the past months and into the foreseeable future, 
the global demand for essential PPE items, such as gloves, has disrupted many producers 
and created a chain reaction that has not been positive.

    This include a four to five folds increase in product pricing, affecting our following product SKUs:

• Hagens Vinyl Gloves VG6, VG6B, VG7 & VG7B

• Hagens N-Guard Nitrile Gloves NG8B

• Hagens Latex Gloves RG6 & RG7

Almost every country is trying to lock in on orders to keep their stockpile of gloves in anticipation of a second global wave just around the corner. Indeed, this is a pandemic itself as buyers, importers and traders literally grab whatever they can at as much as five to eight times market price. 

Unfortunately, we are also cornered in this situation as the entire supply chain from raw materials to production to delivery logistics are having a multiplier effect. For your information, even at these higher prices the delivery is lined up until June 2021.

A Strategy Moving Forward Together

In view of all these, we are adopting a wait-and-see strategy, closely monitoring the global market situation and anticipate a staggered recovery within the next two to three months. As such, we are putting a gradual pause in taking orders from our customers.

We hope this will act as a buffer for you to overcome the current price-factor burden we are facing together. Besides, we have the business ethics not to take advantage of this situation as well as the honour to protect the HAGEN’S trusted, reliable brand value and image.

However, for those who do not mind the market rate we will accommodate to fulfil deliveries within possible delivery time.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, appreciate your patience and we thank you for your continued support and look forward to strengthening ties while 
we face this global ‘supply pandemic’ together.

For more information, please do not hesitate to consult HAGEN’S local sales team.

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