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KoBens - An eminent of Hagen’s series

It all began with an expedition to Copenhagen in 2008 by 3 individuals, a Belgian, Malaysian and Singaporean during the wondrous season of winter. The exciting lifestyle, the vibrant yet simple scheme along with a clean and cozy environment inspired and led the 3 individuals to had fell in love with the city.

With the sole intention of sharing the same sentiment about Copenhagen to the region that they served, they decided to create a brand and nurtured it in Bella Center, the largest exhibition hall in Scandinavia.

However, that idea was left in cold storage until four years later when it was later shared in various meetings amongst five other business partners in Southeast Asia. Immediate support and unanimous consensus were given and with a blast of shared motivation and sheer desire the stage was set for the beginnings of the brand HAGENS, a name that reminisce the city of Copenhagen.

The brand journey of HAGENS wasn’t an easy one. In fact, it took another three years of brand designing, product planning, production sourcing, including product testing and international certification to finally get the brand into the market. 

Today, the HAGENS-brand has garnered the support of world-class manufacturing partners around the world. Upholding the philosophy of ‘re-engineering to near perfection’, the HAGENS-brand now has more than sixty-two SKUs, has partnerships in six countries and is geared for greater achievements in the days ahead.

Indeed, the HAGENS-brand is still a relatively young brand. We welcome all to join our inspiring journey and to go where no brand has ever gone before!

Think Trust ! Think Hagen's !

Currently in Belgium, Brunei, China, Malaysia, The Philippines and Singapore.

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From Copenhagen to Asia with love   

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