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24 June 2024

Revolutionizing Kitchen Cleaning with DENStec™II Technology :
The V101 2nd Generation Kitchen Cloth

DENStec™II is a fiber compression innovation that creates a more compact and dense fabric structure for greater water-holding capacity. The addition of hydrophilic fibers further enhances its absorbency efficiency.




Hydrophilic Fibers

Exceptional Absorbency

With DENStec™II technology, the V101 2nd Generation Kitchen Cloth absorbs water up to three times more efficiently compared to its previous version. This improvement allows it to swiftly and effectively absorb spills, thereby facilitating quicker and easier kitchen cleanups. The enhanced absorbency was quantified by measuring the weight increase, which corresponds to the absorbed water volume, using Gravimetric Absorbency Testing and the Towel Absorbency Test per ASTM D4772 standards.


Superior Thickness

The V101 2nd Generation Kitchen Cloth’s enhanced thickness contributes to its impressive absorbency and durability. This thicker design ensures the cloth can handle tough tasks without wearing out, providing reliable performance for scrubbing and wiping.

Resistance to Shrinkage and Pilling

The V101 2nd Generation Kitchen Cloth resists shrinkage and pilling thanks to DENStec™II technology. The fibers stay intact and maintain their shape, ensuring consistent performance and a smooth surface for cleaning.

Enhanced Elasticity

Improved elasticity allows the V101 2nd Generation Kitchen Cloth to stretch and conform to various shapes and surfaces, making it versatile for cleaning everything from glassware to kitchen appliances. This flexibility also adds to its durability, maintaining its shape and functionality over time.

Upgrade Your Cleaning Routine

Discover the benefits of DENStec™II technology with the V101 2nd Generation Kitchen Cloth. Its superior thickness, exceptional absorbency, and enhanced durability make it a valuable tool for any commercial or household kitchen. Experience the ease and efficiency of a cloth designed for excellence.

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